Business Related Services

Forming, fine-tuning or rectifying companies and divisional operations through a strategy agreed with your board or senior management. Start-ups, business plans, financing pre and post M&A for the acquirer/buyer and for the acquired/seller. We can assist with large company divestments, growing company investments through acquisition support as well as new market introduction through cross border and culture integrations, new technology and old. We can support your teams with education and integration of change management. Throughout, we provide frank, concise analysis and straight feed-back. Once you have started on the path of change, we can assist with interim executives and other temporary or permanent workforce solutions.

Some examples of our services
Strategic Planning
Thorburn Geiger has the capacity to accurately assess the feasibility of market strategies for any region. These assessments can be supported by thorough market surveys and customer acceptance research, tests, development and plannings.
Product Rationalisation
Thorburn Geiger can advise on the suitability of products for export/import markets and detail any adaptations required to meet local specifications. In multi-franchise operations, Thorburn Geiger can assess the feasibility of expanding or reducing product range to realise maximum profitability.
Management Organisation
Thorburn Geiger can restructure existing management teams, establish branch offices or arrange alternative company representation.
Distributor Network Development
Thorburn Geiger can establish lines of distribution, structure dealer management, supply manpower and counsel sales and service teams.
Thorburn Geiger can advise on local and international promotion and advertising requirements.
International Exhibits
Thorburn Geiger can arrange the planning, design, logistics and staffing of exhibits anywhere in the world.
Direct-Sale Services & Tenders
Thorburn Geiger can establish direct-sale facilities for highly specialised products with limited market potential, also for countries where nationalisation inhibits marketing.
Component and Product Sourcing
Thorburn Geiger can provide country by country sourcing analysis and also conduct discrete and confidential negotiations with principals on a multinational basis.
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