We offer strategic development advice, from leading to action plans through to implementation. Most solutions are human asset based, for re-organizing and adding key people, introducing connections, or putting the most appropriate people in vital strategic positions.

Services and solutions are tailor made for you by one competent, experienced, and focused consultant, backed by a handpicked team of colleagues with a diverse array of experience.

At Thorburn Geiger, we have been practicing and refining such services since 1975, and have a new and growing modern team. We offer:

  • Big firm solutions, tailor made and personally delivered - worldwide.
  • What we start, we deliver: The consultant and team you meet handle the work through to the end.
  • Responsive: Thorburn Geiger can be with you fast, 24x7.
  • Focus: we concentrate on the long term. We look for partner relationships that will work through 360 degrees.

What underpins the best performing companies? - Passionate people producing powerful solutions. Ask us.

Whatever your industry, activity or functional concerns, or your geographic zone, we will present the most appropriate proposal to you by return - commitment free.

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