Human Assets Related Services

As businesses grow, the management structure can become imbalanced. We specialize in organization audits, headcount mapping and HR SWOT analysis. Should you decide that you need to strengthen a particular area of your workforce, we have a well developed network to draw from in our Best People search, to find the ideal fit for your particular situation; it is not just selection and integration. We will help you with impartial support and advice on headcount management, planned reductions and structured increases, as well as industrial relations or training and development.

The prime concern of companies and organisations is the supply of human resources: People to meet precise requirements in its precise industry.

Thorburn Geiger can carry out comprehensive mapping, audits, evaluations, Executive Search, etc. world-wide, for top, middle or lower management personnel.

Thorburn Geiger can supply highly qualified and experienced specialists in the following fields: Engineering, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical, Homologation, HR, Finance, Training, etc.; and help you relevantly cover all the aspects of your business.

Thorburn Geiger can also provide staff training and development, testing facilities, tailored to meet specific client requirement.

Why use Thorburn Geiger?
  • Hand-made quality service
  • Result delivery guaranteed
  • Placements guaranteed
  • Very large database of profiles
  • Great networking power
  • Great understanding of industries, key players, products, market trends and movements
  • Proven methodology in order to locate the best available Executives at the precise point of place and time
  • Consultant's personal involvement into mandates, hence understanding of the company culture, vision, environment and exact requirement

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