Other Services

Expanding businesses develop growing pains and we are here to help and advise you on ways to smooth the path to growth. Through our expert teams, we can advise you on optimized investment structures, interim management solutions, raising capital, as well as new products and company development.

If you are contemplating expanding into other markets, let us guide you with agent and distributor searches. In such cases, global business structuring, tax effectiveness, industrial labour related manufacturing are essential skills that you may not yet possess. We can help you plan for the future in a global marketplace.

For companies that have a stable, senior management team, succession planning is a vital component to ensure that skills and experience are transferred to the next generation – whether yours is a family run business, or a large conglomerate, we can advise you on how to keep skills and experience continuity.

Thorburn Geiger can also carry out special confidential assessments by conducting independent searches, representations or business opportunity enquiries on your behalf as relate to acquisitions, mergers, start-ups, franchise and senior executive movements.

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